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Can I add my sugar glider's pedigree?
We are accepting applications for registered breeders as of 3/26/2012. This will be on a limited basis. If you are interested in registering as a breeder, please contact us at or visit to purchase your breeder registration packet. Once you purchase your packet, you will be sent a breeder information packet via email to print and start registering your sugar gliders.

How much does it cost to be a registered breeder?
Small breeders (up to 6 breeding pairs): $25.00 per year
Medium breeders (7 to 20 breeding pairs): $50.00 per year
Large breeders (21 and 40): $100.00 per year
Extra Large breeders (41 and up): $200.00 per year

(At this time we are only accepting small and medium breeders, if you are a large or extra large breeder please contact me directly at

What if I need to add more pairs after I finished registering my sugar gliders?
After your initial registration is complete you must pay $5.00 per breeding pair to register them into the database.

What if my pairs are already in the database?
You must still pay the registration fee and fill out the paperwork confirming that the lines and pedigrees are correct.

What does the fee cover?
The fee covers initial registration of all your breeding sugar gliders and any offspring they have during your covered period. Registration includes the following: pedigree information stored in an online searchable database, verification and research of your sugar glider lines, personalized joey registration page, and a custom logo for your website.

 What is the process of being a registered breeder?
The first step is to fill out registration forms for all your sugar gliders. Unlike in the past, this part must be done in hard copy through the mail. This ensures accountability for our database. Once your packet is received, it will take 2-4 weeks for your adults to be registered and your personalized page to be set up. You will be notified via e-mail when we have completed your registration. Once your page is set up, you can electronically register your joeys. Joey registrations will take 1-2 weeks to appear in the database. 

How are the sugar glider lines verified?
Lines are verified through the original breeder's records as often as possible. Sometimes this take consulting several people before finally tracking down a line successfully.

Are your lines and information guaranteed to be correct?
Please understand that we do our best to verify all lines to ensure accuracy. However, errors do occur in the entry phase as well as the with misinformation. Many breeders do not keep accurate or sufficient records making this job very difficult. If you have a concern please contact us immediately.

What if there is an error or dispute on a sugar glider's pedigree?
Please report any errors along with evidence for your concern to: